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Forem Sp. z o. o. Centrala Techniczno-Handlowa




Centrala Techniczno-Handlowa Forem Sp. z o.o. Has been estabilished Since 1992. At the very beginning company used to trade with coal and steel, later on focusing on structural steel and sheet stell.

Forem set up many other companies : PPU Ecosteel sp. z o.o. Zawiercie, Gazstal SA ZielonaGóra, Energostal SA Gliwice, Wytwórnia Materiałów Spawalniczych SPAWMET sp. z o.o. Świętochłowice, Bomis SA Katowice, Nystal SA Świętochłowice, Carbometal sp. z o.o. Katowice, Carbostal sp. z o.o Wrocław, FORUM sp. z o.o. Warszawa, Syngaz sp. z o.o. Katowice. Moreover Forem is a real estate investor.

Company used to be run under Andrzej Krawczyk management untill 2013. Today’s President of the Board is Jerzy Woźniak.

2010 was the year CTH Forem started cooperation with Belarus and in the years 2010-13 70,000 tonnes of lignin cellulose pellet and briquette was imported supplying polish power plants. This cooperation gave the opportunity to better understand Belarussian market on timber issues and thus timber trade becomes one of the crucial company’s development direction.



forem produkty drewniane




We are timber merchants specialising in high quality products. We only supply timber from managed European woodlands, delivered directly to where it is required. Our range of products includes softwoods : pine, spruce and fir.

  • Roof truss rafters and construction timber: rough sawn, dimension sawn, planed all round, planed square edge, canadian lumber standard and kiln dried. C16, C24, C27 grades. Dimensions according to customers requirements.
  • Wooden lightweight and drum pallets tailored to specific needs, heat treated to Ispm 15.
  • Wooden cases and crates for medium to heavy engineering products bespoke to suit each customers needs. Cases are manufactured according to Ispm 15 standards. Delivered as flat pack kit anywhere, ready to be assembled upon arrival.

forem biopaliwa




We would like to present you an offer of cooperation in the supply of peat briquettes, posthydrolisis wood briquettes and posthydrolisis wood pellets which were produced in Belarus.




Our main areas of operation are Poland, Belarus and Russia.


Forem Sp. z o. o.


Imieli 14 Street

41-605 Świętochłowice

tel. +48 32 770 99 33

e-mail: sekretariat@forem.pl

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